Thursday, June 21, 2018

Game Notes: Plants vs. Zombies

(This is a work in progress.)

The first game I tried to download to mobile.  I know this game from way back.  My copy on the desktop still has the dancing zombie that looks like Michael Jackson.  Was a little confused when I saw that it looks different now. 

One thing I can say is that clicking this game is better on a touch screen than using a mouse.

Can be played offline. Probably better if played offline because you won't get the offers to play ads. Not sure if there will be totally no ads.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Game Notes: Green Farm 3

(This is a work in progress.)

A. Old version (1.0.1)

Game was not downloaded by me. Can't be moved to SD card.

Apparently, can be played offline, though I did not link this to fb.  Uses up too much space on phone/internal memory.

B. version 4.1.3

Tried to download this and was able to move it to phone storage.
Starting: 15.70MB
After moving to phone storage:
- App: 2.81MB
- Phone storage app: 15.25MB

Has since deleted the old version described above.

Restarting my game because I realized why my game bucks balance kept going down.  Pumpkins don't cost coins. Beware of this.